MeeGo Available Now for Download Onto Your N900

MeeGo was announced a little over a month ago, and it looks like they are right on schedule. Today marks the official announcement that you can download a developer's build of MeeGo for your Nokia N900, if you are so inclined. Though, we wouldn't feel right if we didn't tell you (in fact, warn you) that this is an early, early view of the MeeGo platform. It's intended for developer's who want to see it before it reaches maturity, so to speak, and therefore in no way shape or form is it ready for mass consumption.

The Nokia N900 isn't the only device that's getting the MeeGo love today, though. Those of you out there who have an Atom-powered notebook, or an Atom Moorestown MID, are also included in the developer download goodness. But, alas, this doesn't include all the MeeGo goodness that we detailed earlier. In fact, word has it that if you flash it onto your N900, you'll be met with a terminal console. Nevertheless, if this is something you want to do, you'll be able to boot MeeGo from a USB drive, or right from your device. Options, right?

Sure, we imagine that some (if not most of you) out there purchased your N900 because you're a developer of some kind, so this is probably right up your alley. But, if you are a little bit more wary of flashing your devices, then you can wait it out. The team has said that they plan on releasing more information about the upcoming release in May, which is tagged as 1.0.

[via Maemo Arena]