McLaren 650S spills speed details: Crazy fast and priced to match

Chris Davies - Feb 27, 2014
McLaren 650S spills speed details: Crazy fast and priced to match

McLaren may have teased some big numbers for the new 650S supercar earlier this month, but it left out the ones we were particularly interested in: performance and price. The British car company will give the McLaren 650S its official reveal at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 early next month, but it couldn’t help but spill some speed details including the fact that the new coupe is a full second quicker than the classic McLaren F1 in the 0-124mph run.

The 650S’s 4-liter V8 twin turbo engine puts out 650 PS and 678 NM of torque, pushing the car on to a top speed of 207mph. 0-60mph comes in a ridiculously brief 3.0 seconds.


Meanwhile, it takes just 8.4s to get from 0 to 124mph, while the standing quarter mile takes 10.5s. In fact, it makes the 650S more than half a second faster at getting to 124mph than the 12C it will slot in above in McLaren’s range.

The real magic, McLaren argues, is that it can do all that without demanding a huge sacrifice in driver and passenger comfort. Rather than being some “stripped out” racer, the 650S gets lashings of carbon fiber, leather, Alcantara, and electric toys like satellite radio, Bluetooth streaming, voice control, and more.


If you’d guessed there’d be a price to pay for speed in comfort, you’d be right. US pricing hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Brits hoping to slip behind the wheel of the 650S will have to stump up £195,250 ($326k) for the coupe, or £215,250 ($359k) for the Spider.

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