McDonald's McRib is back, with delivery - When and where in 2020

Precious artificial scarcity, the McDonalds McRib knows you so well! McDonalds revealed details about the 2020 McRib launch today with a tip on how massive their launch will be. This, a moment to remember in the history of extruded pork-adjacent foods, will be one to remember. Not only will this be the first time since 2012 that the McRib is launched nationwide (in the United States), it'll also be the first time many consumers are able to get the McRib delivered directly to their front door.

The McRib is a seasonal sort of food that McDonald's launches each year at right around this same time. Per a release from McDonald's this afternoon, the return of the McRib this year is "bigger than ever!" That's subjective, of course, unless we're talking exact number of McRibs distributed across the United States...

Because, guess what? There's a place in this world where customers can purchase a McRib all year long. If you happen upon a McDonald's in Germany, you'll very likely find yourself face-to-face with a McRib any time you like. Germany is the one country on this planet where customers "are lucky enough to enjoy the sandwich year-round."

The launch this year for the United States starts on December 2, 2020. That means you've got several WEEKS to wait before you sink your teeth into this meat product. This time you won't need to use the McRib Locator – lucky you, no need for an app or a website to find a sandwich this time!

You shouldn't have an issue finding a McDonald's in the United States that is without the McRib during this most modern McRib season starting in late 2020. That's because this is the first time since the year 2012 that McDonalds will not limit the number of McDonald's locations that serve this particular sandwich.

This might also be the first time you'll have the opportunity to get a McRib delivered to your home. Courtesy of the "McDelivery" system – and Uber Eats, and so forth – McDonald's will have the McRib available for delivery to your home.