Mazda's new bioplastic offers better finish than paint

Mazda has developed a new bioplastic that can be used on exterior car parts, and according to the auto maker, this new material offers a higher-quality finish than is possible with traditionally painted plastics. This joins Mazda's previous bioplastics developed for interior car parts, building upon that to include resistance to weather, scratches, and impacts so that it can handle constant exposure to the outside world.

Mazda announced its accomplishment on Wednesday, saying its new bioplastic is made from plant-derived materials and is environmentally friendly for numerous reasons, not the least of which is the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions it facilitates.

The use of petroleum resources will be reduced by using this new bioplastic, as will the organic compounds that result from painting car parts. Thus far the auto maker has produced what it calls "Mazda Biotechmaterial" parts using the bioplastic, which it plans to show off at the Eco-Products 2014 exhibition in Japan starting today.

Overall, Mazda says its bioplastic can be dyed and offers the same level of durability as commonly used ABS plastic, bringing with it a better finish than thus far available. We'll be seeing this plastic first used on interior car parts in the latest Mazda MX-5, and following that the auto maker will use it with other models for exterior components.