Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept is debuting in Gran Turismo Sport for PS4

Alvin Reyes - May 22, 2020, 6:37am CDT
Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept is debuting in Gran Turismo Sport for PS4

Do you remember the Mazda RX-Vision Concept car? It debuted at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and is probably one of the most exciting, beautiful, and awe-inspiring concept vehicles we’ve seen in a while. And while the car world awaits the reincarnation of Mazda’s rotary-powered halo car, the Hiroshima-based carmaker is debuting the RX-Vision in Gran Turismo Sport for the PlayStation 4, albeit in GT3 guise.

Developed in conjunction with Polyphony Digital Inc., the RX-Vision GT3 for Gran Turismo Sport is every inch a racing car. It has an oversized GT3-style rear spoiler and a front splitter inspired by the Mazda RT-24P IMSA prototype racer. And since we’re talking about a proper race car, the awesome bodywork features exaggerated fender flares and cooling vents on the hood.

According to Mazda, deploying the RX-Vision GT3 for Gran Turismo is a chance for Digital Motorsports fans to experience the thrill of driving what is perhaps the most thought-provoking Japanese concept cars to date. Additionally, Mazda is aiming to keep the car culture fire burning in the hearts and minds of enthusiasts the world over regardless of country, race, language, or generation.

When Mazda unveiled the RX-Vision five years ago, it hinted at the return of rotary power in Mazda’s lineup. Who could forget the legendary Mazda RX-7 of Dominic Toretto in the first installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, or the rev-happy Mazda RX-8 from the X-Men 2 movie? The RX-Vision is purportedly powered by a new-generation, two-rotor, SKYACTIV-R Wankel mill. But sadly, it remains a concept to this day.

However, the digital world spells hope for those pining heavily for a production-ready, RX-Vision grand-touring sports car. The vehicle is available to download in Gran Turismo Sport starting on May 22, 2020. And if you do, Mazda is giving you seed rights to participate in the FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championship world tour for the 2020 season.

While all of this is well and good, we’re still waiting for Mazda to unveil a production version RX-Vision sports car, rotary or not. Will it have a solitary Renesis engine, or will it be a hybrid-electric model with a rotary range extender? We’re keeping our fingers crossed on this one.

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