May the fourth be with you: Digital Star Wars media to celebrate

May the 4th be with you, all you Android and iOS users, it's a day of celebration for the likes of Star Wars fans everywhere. As such, developers of Star Wars apps and games have put their best force forward with a few price-chops. Google's done a decent job of arranging and displaying the lot – right alongside 5 of the 7 movies that are currently out and available for download, plus comics, plus books, plus soundtracks – though the last few aren't on sale, exactly.

The Movies

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The first thing that needs some explaining is the lack of the entire Star Wars movie collection being found on sale in the Google Play movie store. The reason for this is Fox Entertainment's ownership of the sale rights for Star Wars: A New Hope. After that film was made, George Lucas had the cash to run the show himself. The bad news is, this means that often times sale prices on the films made by Lucasfilm do not include ANH.

The other missing item is Star Wars: Rogue One, but since it was just released this past month on Blu-ray and DVD, it gets a pass. The film is worth the full price, just so long as you're buying that physical Blu-ray disk, which is the most awesome format for the movie at this time. Get that highest definition and never look back.

Comic Books

An array of Star Wars comic books are on sale in the Google Play book store. Have a peek at the Star Wars promo collection to see the good stuff. If I had to pick three sets here that I'd recommend as best-for-all, I'd say Star Wars" Darth Vader Vol 1, 2, and 3.

Note that the vast majority of these comics are canon, which means that future films and comic books and novels need to obey the events that they depict. While a bunch of stories have been moved to the Legends category, these comics persist – with the exception of a lot of the Star Wars: The Marvel Covers – which sometimes has some rather weird situations going on in it. Real weird to say the least!

Apps and Games

The games listed below are all on sale – cheaper than they are normally. There are several games listed this morning by Google as part of the May the 4th promotion, but they're not actually on sale any more than they normally are. First, these are the apps that are limited-time-inexpensive.* *This is the one, single app.

Star Wars Pinball 5 Normally $2, now free

And that's it. We no longer live in a world where apps cost amounts of cash that can be measured in initial release profit. Instead, apps of all sorts profit from in-app purchases which are rarely put on sale or unlock codes that bring the full game when only a demo is given right out the gate – like LEGO Star Wars TFA. It is what it is! There's also an official Star Wars app to take a peek at – it's always free, and pretty neato.