Massive Super Nintendo World park Donkey Kong expansion confirmed

For the lucky limited population of people in the world able to attend Universal Studios Japan's Super Nintendo World right now – there's good news. Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan has confirmed what we've suspected for months – Donkey Kong incoming!

Not only will there be additional action and rides added to Super Nintendo World, it'll be a MASSIVE addition. If we're looking at scale drawings of the park showing the first development and the addition of Donkey Kong's park, it's clear: This isn't just a tacked-on ride or two.

UPDATE: Per Nintendo Japan, the addition of the Donkey Kong area at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan will increase the size of the park by "approximately 70%." That's like a whole new park!

This new bit of the park adds a roller coaster, a set of new interactive experiences, themed merchandise and food aplenty. According to Nintendo Japan, "guests will be able to take a walk on the wild side through the lush jungles where Donkey Kong and his friends live."

If you're looking at flights and local hotel accommodations, it'll be best to plan a few years into the future. Nintendo Japan expects that they'll open this new Donkey Kong area in the year 2024. We do not yet know what part of the year the park will expand, or if this addition will change the price of tickets – we shall see!

Below you'll see the points at which we previously discussed Super Nintendo World and the potential for park additions with Donkey Kong in mind. This has been a long time coming! Now, if only we could convince Nintendo to create a similar park in Minnesota, right in the middle of the top of the United States – perfect for the USA and Canada, right? Sound good to you?