Massive Pokemon Sun and Moon leak offers in-depth look at new monsters

Pokemon Sun and Moon are a little more than a week out, and the leaks have started rolling in. There seem to be some copies that have made their way into the wild early, and as a result, a lot of folks are taking to the internet to discuss the games. It should be noted that those who want to avoid spoilers probably shouldn't read further.

The biggest leak comes from YouTube user Kaphotics. You might remember Kaphotics as the person who uploaded information from the Sun and Moon demo datamine last month. He's back now, and he has a lot more information on the new Pokemon found in Sun and Moon.

His first video starts off with details on the starter Pokemon. Kaphotics goes through an analysis of all of the starters, detailing their stats and some of the more interesting moves they're capable of learning. Then he does the same thing with their evolved forms, giving those who may be on the fence a better idea of which to choose.

The starters aren't the only ones that get detailed, though. Kaphotics has uploaded multiple videos featuring many different Pokemon from the Alola region. These next two videos are rather long, detailing some of the more common Pokemon you're likely to encounter as you head through Sun and Moon.

One video also shows us that the Ultra Beasts have movesets of their own, suggesting that we may be able to catch them. Ultra Beasts are an aspect of Sun and Moon that are still shrouded in a fair bit of mystery. If you can catch them, though, then they may just play a large part in the narrative of Sun and Moon.

Finally, we come to videos detailing the legendary and mythical Pokemon in the games. While everyone will have an opportunity to catch most of the legendary Pokemon being introduced in Sun and Moon, the mythical ones will be harder to get. Nintendo typically reserves those mythical Pokemon for giveaway events, but regardless of their rarity, these videos detail their stats anyway.

This has proven to be quite the leak in the lead up to the release of Sun and Moon. While those who don't want everything spoiled for them definitely don't want to watch, these videos are handy tools to have in that they allow more competitive folks to plan out teams in advance. Pokemon Sun and Moon launch for Nintendo 3DS on November 18.