Maserati Granturismo shares living room with architect [Video]

Chris Davies - Jul 27, 2009, 6:11am CDT
Maserati Granturismo shares living room with architect [Video]

It would be tough to argue against the fact that the Maserati Granturismo is a beautiful car, but would you want to share your living room with it?  Architect Holger Schubert has designed a space that does just that, with the top floor of an LA home given over to a loft-like garage with a remote-controlled ramp.

Video demo after the cut

The Granturismo is driven into the room across a driveway bridge through electric doors, and has its own spot among the 1,200 square foot room.  Other niceties include a drop down flatscreen TV, hidden LED lighting, solar panels, underfloor heating and climate-controlling electrically-movable window screens.

Since you don’t want to fill your living room with partially-burnt hydrocarbons whenever you need to go out for more milk, the car rests on a remote-controlled ramp; press the button and it rises five inches, so you can roll the Maserati back and start it up in open-air.  Schubert’s design was so successful, the car company have given him a prize in their architectural garage competition.

[via Born Rich]

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