Marvel's The Inhumans movie rumored to be moving forward

The idea of a movie based on Marvel's The Inhumans was touched on by the studio years ago, and recently resurrected by actor Vin Diesel, who teased fans by saying in a tweet, 'I get the strange feeling that Marvel things I'm Inhuman...Haha." According to sources that spoke to Collider, Marvel is, indeed, moving ahead with The Inhumans movie.

According to the unspecified sources, Marvel is satisfied with Joe Robert Cole's script for the film, and is moving forward with making it a reality. Reportedly, The Inhumans is part of Marvel Studio's effort to build a multi-film universe, and it'll be doing so with another cast of relatively unknown characters, similar to what it did with Guardians of the Galaxy.

The success of Guardians of the Galaxy is said to have helped spur Marvel's decision to move forward with The Inhumans. Says the sources, the studio will be proceeding by handling the movie in the same fashion, which presumably refers to marketing it to viewers who know little about the universe.

The Inhumans deals with a group of characters created by an alien race, with the cast being the result of those aliens' experimentation. The aliens eventually give up on their efforts, and the individuals left over band together into their own group.

SOURCE: Collider