Marvel's Avengers lands on Xbox One, Stadia sans Spidey

It's an eerie world we live in, almost like something straight out of a comic book plot. The world today is almost completely different world last year when Marvel's properties were at their peak. That is the world that Marvel's Avengers, the first major standalone game to launch independent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), is launching in and its success or downfall will also probably be like a comic book tale.

First, Marvel's Avengers is now available on the Xbox One, just days after Stadia announced the titles' availability on Google's game streaming platform. There are Standard and Deluxe Editions available, of course, and Xbox assures that it uses Smart Delivery technology. That practically means you won't have to buy the game again for the Xbox Series X when that console and the next-gen version of the game arrive later this year.

If you haven't heard about it yet, players on these two platforms won't be playing one of Marvel's most iconic characters. Given Sony's ownership, Spider-Man has been made exclusive to the PlayStation. Sadly, none of the powers that be mention if that exclusivity has an expiration date. Perhaps only the most faithful fans of the web crawler would make a leap of faith to buy a PS4 or PS5 just for that.

That might be the least of the game's problems though. Initial reviews of the game's demo have been rather harsh but there are now reviewers claiming that the demo was a far cry from the full experience. The game itself is a pretty big gamble, given how it departs from much of the plot diverges from the plot and characters that many will be more familiar with from the movies.

With a completely new and original story, Marvel's Avengers revolves around Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, as she tries to get the now-outlawed gang back together to uncover the plot that lead to an icon's (seeming) demise. Play alone or play with friends, Marvel's Avengers will cost your $79.99 on either platform for a Deluxe Edition that bundles exclusive Obsidian Outfits and matching nameplates to boot.