PlayStation versions of Marvel's Avengers are getting a huge exclusive character

If you're looking forward to Crystal Dynamics' upcoming Avengers game and you're not planning to buy the game on PlayStation 4, it looks like you'll be missing out on a big piece of content. Crystal Dynamics and Sony announced today that none other than Spider-Man will be coming to the game next year, and when he does, he'll be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions.

That's a big blow to those who were planning to buy on Xbox One or PC, as Spider-Man is undoubtedly the most popular hero in the Marvel mythos. Console exclusives are nothing new, but Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are risking a lot of blowback from fans by making a character as widely loved as Spider-Man exclusive to just one version of the game.

He won't be joining the roster until sometime in early 2021, with Crystal Dynamics not giving a more precise release date for the hero today. In a post to the PlayStation Blog, Crystal Dynamics associate art director Jeff Adams promised that the character will handle like you'd expect Spider-Man to, moving through the air and fighting enemies with fluidity and "his signature flair."

As far as his looks are concerned, it sounds like we can expect a more classic style instead of what we saw in Insomniac's Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4. "Steve Ditko set the standard with his Spider-Man design, and John Romita Sr. evolved it into an icon recognized the world over," Adams wrote. "Fans can expect to see Ditko and Romita's influence in our take on the hero, with nods to other talented artists that have defined the character's look over his long history."

That all sounds great, but it'll be hard for a large portion of Avengers' potential player base to get excited about it considering they won't get to see Spider-Man in action. At the moment, it's unclear if this is a permanent or timed exclusive, but we'll keep our fingers crossed for the latter. We'll let you know when more about Spider-Man in Marvel's Avengers is shared, so stay tuned for that.