Marvel's Ant-Man teased with teeny movie clips

Marvel's Ant-Man, the movie that had a bit of a rough spell before ultimately casting Paul Rudd and recently entering production, has officially been teased — and by teased, we mean a literal tease, in that viewers are shown several clips from the movie that are entirely too small to actually see. Clips for ants, more or less. If you have eagle eyes or happen to be excellent at discerning rapid minuscule movie segments, however, we've got the "trailer" for you after the jump.

The teaser is below, and with a bit of zooming and squinting (be sure to bump the resolution up to 1080p) you'll be able to make out the scenes decently enough. If that's too much hassle, we've also clipped a few of them out and blown them up for your convenience, so be sure to check out the gallery below.

Kicking off the clips is a look at who appears to be Paul Rudd, followed by a scene over some water, what appears to be an individual in the middle of a surrounding group, a woman in a room, and more.

What is this, a trailer for ants? Why yes, with Marvel saying, "Watch the human-sized world teaser premiere" on January 6. That'll take place during Agent Carter at 8EST on ABC, for those who want to catch it the moment it airs.