Paul Rudd pictured as Ant Man: he looks like a man

I will tell you everything about Paul Rudd as Ant Man. Marvel Entertainment has shared a photo of Paul Rudd as Ant Man today, and Ant Man is otherwise known as Scott Lang. The movie is out in July on the 17th of that month in the year 2015.

So the image you see above is Paul Rudd. You should get super excited because this is your first look at Paul Rudd as Scott Lang. He looks like Scott Lang, right? Scott Lang looks like a man.

He's in San Francisco – that's for sure. He might be on one side of the bridge or the other. Twitter personality Andrew Heitner had it nailed when he said: "Wow!! It looks just like Paul Rudd." This was in response to the original tweet from Marvel.

The original Ant Man was Dr. Henry Pym. Scott Lang is the second Ant Man, the Ant Man that'll be appearing in this movie.

To make everything clear, we've included a video we've attained of an eyewitness report. This should explain everything you need to know about Ant Man, based on the information Marvel has shared so far. You're welcome.