Marvel Netflix shows may live on with Disney+

A lot of us were disappointed and confused when Netflix started canceling its Marvel shows, but there might be hope for them yet. While we definitely shouldn't expect shows like Daredevil to return to Netflix, Disney has indicated that it may look at bringing them to its own streaming service at some point in the future. It's far from confirmation that these shows will live on, but at least it's something.

Netflix started its Marvel purge earlier this year when it canceled both Iron Fist and Luke Cage. While it at first seemed like the company was trimming back on Marvel shows that were potentially underperforming, Netflix then surprised a lot of fans by canning Daredevil shortly after its season 3 premiere. It was a move that left a lot of subscribers scratching their heads, especially because Daredevil season 3 was met with acclaim upon release.

With Daredevil now gone, Netflix subscribers are expecting the company to cancel Jessica Jones and The Punisher once their new seasons premiere. That'll effectively be the end of Netflix's Marvel line up, but that may not be a permanent thing. According to Disney chairman of direct-to-consumer and international offers Kevin Mayer, there might be a future for these shows on Disney+.

In a fairly lengthy interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Mayer gives a glimmer of hope that these shows may live on. When asked if Disney would consider reviving them on its own streaming service, Mayer replied, "They are very high-quality shows. We haven't yet discussed that, but I would say that's a possibility."

While that's certainly encouraging, it isn't the hard confirmation we Marvel fans are looking for, so don't get your hopes too high. If you're a fan of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or any of the other Marvel shows Netflix has produced over the years, it might not be a bad idea to tell Disney that you want to see them revived on Disney+. We'll keep an ear to the ground for more, so stay tuned.