Marshall Major 50 FX headphones marks 50th anniversary

Marshall is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year with another set of headphones, only these are lined with gold trimmings. The Major 50 FX headphones are similar to the Major Pitch Black headphones that we reviewed over the summer, only these new ones comes with a few upgrades inside and out.

The Major 50 FX headphones are made for big sound (obviously), and the technology inside has received a slight boost from the previous Marshall Major headphones. The new headphones come with gold trimmings on the outside. The outer ear caps are lined with gold, and the Marshall logo in the center of the caps are gold as well.

The headband is made of vinyl and features the inscription "London England 1962″, which is the birth place and birth year of the Marshall amplifier brand. On top of the gold trimming and inscriptions, the Major 50 FX headphones are Apple certified, and include an inline microphone and remote, so they'll work seamlessly with Apple's numerous products.

The headphones also come with a canvas carrying bag — perfect for on-the-go audiophiles. The Marshall Major 50 FX headphones are available right now at a cost of $170. That's definitely not a bad price to pay for top-quality headphones. Plus, if you like bling (and who doesn't), then it's practically a two-for-one deal.