Mark Zuckerberg vs Paul Ceglia: Lawsuit finally dismissed by Judge

We have been trailing the Paul Ceglia lawsuit far too long, and now it finally looks to have come to its logical end. A federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed by Paul Ceglia, claiming a 50% stake in 'The Face Book' project that he supposedly had invested in.

The story dates back to the time when Ceglia had hired Mark Zuckerberg, off a Craig's List listing, to do a coding job for the erstwhile StreetFax. Soon after Facebook became a force to reckon with, Ceglia claimed that Zuckerberg had entered into a contract with him in 2003, entitling him to a 50% stake in the new venture.

The tale got murkier with Ceglia's arrest in October 2012, when he was charged for falsifying records and destroying evidence. In short, he was taken in for forging documents that stated Facebook was half his. The emails that he produced could not be corroborated with the one taken off the Harvard servers.

Fast forwarding to the present day, US District Judge Richard J. Arcara dismissed Paul Ceglia's lawsuit and granted the motion in favor of Zuckerberg. The motion was delivered based on the recommendations of US Magistrate Judge Leslie G. Foschio, who found that the evidence submitted, outlining the 2003 contract was forged. The long and short of this story is that Ceglia's so-called legal documents and evidence are not authentic and he cannot stake claim on Facebook. The lawsuit is no longer his ticket to the Facebook fortunes.