Mark Zuckerberg Q&A to address crowdsourced questions

Burning question for Mark Zuckerberg? Curious about how he learned Mandarin, or why your friends just don't get the message that you're not interested in a game of Candy Crush? The Facebook CEO is kicking off a series of online Q&A sessions, the first on Thursday, November 6th, dubbed "Q&A with Mark" in which he'll address the curiosity of social networking users in a live streaming video.

"I'll be answering questions for about an hour," Zuckerberg wrote on the event page (hosted, of course, on Facebook), "and will try to get through as many as I can."

Questions themselves can be left in the comments section over at Facebook, and voting with a "Like" means there's more chance that the young chief exec will add them near the top of his list. It's already proving popular, too, with more than 4,000 comments on the post.

Curiosity ranges from the simple, like when is Facebook going to add a "Dislike" button, through to the serious. Government surveillance is a good example, asking Zuckerberg for more information on how Facebook is pushing back against data requests and for greater transparency about those requests that are made.

Facebook Messenger and its split from the regular Facebook app is another hot topic, with complaints about how the company opted to make the IM functionality standalone.

Advertising tracking, such as Facebook Atlas, is also raising virtual eyebrows.

There's still almost a week to get your question in, though there's no way that Zuckerberg can get to them all, so flexing your Liking finger might be a better way to signal your curiosity.

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