Mark Cuban social media app aims to surpass podcasting

There's an app called Fireside out there already, but Mark Cuban wants to make another. Cuban and co-founder Falon Fatemi are reportedly ready to roll with the app, made for podcasting and conversing with listeners through said podcasts, planning on releasing said app at some point in the near future.

This most recent report comes in part from The Verge, through which Mark Cuban's confirmed his work with the app as co-founder. Creators of the podcasting app Fireside (with CEO Dan Benjamin) are not associated with this new podcasting app... also called Fireside. You can see the main public-facing piece of media dealing with the (Mark Cuban associated) app over at FireSideChat dot com right this minute.

A job posting appearing in RemoteTechJobs (original listing link removed) as of November 13, 2020, suggests that "Fireside" is looking for a Senior React Native Engineer. Per the listing, "Social media has failed us."

"We were promised a place to bond online, to expand our horizons and connect with our fellow humankind," says the job listing. "Instead, we got antagonistic echo chambers with mediums for communication that only further an outrage culture and business models that incentivize spreading disinformation."

The aim of Fireside is to create a platform with a goal of "promoting civil intelligent discourse, shared connected experiences, and genuine relationship building virtually." They'll use "meaningful conversations at scale" to drive social impact with a "first-of-its-kind interactive broadcasting platform."

That job listing specifically names Mark Cuban as an investor. It suggests that Mark Cuban is part of the "co-founding team" that also includes other "experience serial entrepreneurs." They've also apparently "raised a multi-million dollar seed round" from "top tier consumer investors."

Requirements for the job suggest that the app and social media system will work on at least Google's platforms (like Android), if not Apple's (like iOS) as well. It's not clear at the moment when this new next-gen app will be released – but it WOULD seem clear that it is, indeed, in the works!