Mario Maker gameplay trailer shows Super DIY action

It's time for DIY Mario Bros with Mario Maker – the first make-your-own Mario game ever created by Nintendo. This game follows the trend amongst DIY-enthusiasts around the world hoping to make their own video games in the wild – here you'll be able to make your own Mario-themed levels straight from your own Wii U.

This game will be released with a variety of graphics with everything from 8-Bit Super Mario Bros. from the Nintendo Entertainment System to futuristic New Super Mario Bros. action. You'll be able to create pixel-friendly levels for the old pixelated Mario or new levels for the new Mario. You can also mix and match!

You'll be working with a grid – much as the original creators of Mario Bros. did, pushing blocks, obstacles, enemies, and all manner of oddities forward for you and your friends to take on. At this time it's not clear whether you'll be able to save levels for online sharing – but we wouldn't rule it out. Nintendo is becoming more and more a social company, whether they want to or not – shares for all!

This game will be released later this year – right alongside updates for Super Smash Bros. – below you'll see more on this game's development. Watch out for Mii Fighters right in your face – with your face, too.

Stick around as SlashGear continues to attack E3 2014 all week long. We'll be bringing you more gameplay and trailers than you can handle!