Mario Golf: Super Rush gets a bunch of new content in a surprise update

Fans of Mario Golf: Super Rush got some good news this morning, as Nintendo revealed that the game is getting some new content in a free update. The update is landing later today, and not only does it add a new character, but it also adds a new course. In addition, Nintendo is dropping a Ranked Match mode with this update, giving golfers the chance to prove their skills with a ranked ladder to climb.

The new character joining the roster today is Toadette, while the new course we're receiving is New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey. You can see both Toadette and New Donk City in the trailer Nintendo shared today, which we've embedded below.

Sadly, the trailer offers only a brief glimpse at both Toadette and New Donk City, but it does reveal that Toadette's special shot is the Super Pickax Stinger. Like many of the other special shots in the game, the Super Pickax Stinger blasts away any balls that are in its path, so it's a good option when you have a lot of balls ahead of you and want to ruin other players' plans.

Nintendo's tweets also give us a look at the Ranked Match mode that will be added today. From the screenshots, it looks like players will be ranked on a standard grading scale and that achieving an A- rank or higher will allow players to pick Yoshi's color when they play as him.

Mario Golf: Super Rush isn't the only Nintendo game to get a free update that adds a bunch of new content. Yesterday, Nintendo delivered an update to New Pokemon Snap which adds three new courses and 20 new Pokemon to photograph. While Nintendo doesn't give a specific launch time for this Mario Golf: Super Rush update, it does say the update launching later today, so keep an eye out for its arrival if you're a Super Rush player.