Maradin MLP pico-projectors promise high-res in 2010

Pico-projectors are growing in popularity and number, but less impressive is their typical resolution and brightness.  That could all change, though, if Maradin's miniaturized laser-diode projector (MLP) technology gains a foothold; based on MEMS projector tech, the system uses a low-powered laser beam to produce what are reportedly high-resolution, quality footage.

"Maradin's MLP utilizes a unique proprietary actuation method, overcoming the biggest challenge of developing an adequate torque. Combining electro-magneto and electro-static actuation, a unique control scheme of the actuators along with a novel fabrication process, facilitated a true raster scan of the highest quality" Maradin

Marketing-speak is generally pretty good at persuading us that an upcoming technology is The Next Big Thing, but investors tend to be a harder sell.  Maradin, however, have managed to raise $3m from a private Swiss investor to fund MLP development and commercialization.

Apparently a prototype of the Maradin pico-projector has already been completed, and the company is working with Singapore's IME research center who will be responsible for mass-producing the chips.  The first commercial products using MLP are expected to hit the market by early 2010.

[via PicoProjector-info]