Man at Arms creates real-life version of Link's Hylian shield

We've seen different fictional weapons come to life via the folks behind Man at Arms, including that fantastic katana lightsaber. They've created many weapons and related items over time, and the latest in their project pipeline is a real version of Link's Hylian shield from Legend of Zelda. As with past videos, we get a look at the creation process from start to finish, including ample amounts of red-glowing metals, and we've got the entire video for you after the jump!Man at Arms posted the video yesterday, and it clocks in at just a little over ten minutes in length...just long enough to get a good look at the process, but not so long that you waste your precious time. The end result is what you see in the image above — a real-life version of the Hylian shield, bright colors included.

The shield was drawn by hand, cut out, and then sanded down to take the edge off. Such is the rough cut of the shield right from the start, which goes straight into the hammering process to give it its shape. From there it was smoothed down, decked out with stones, and more.

Man at Arms has a six-member team that includes a swordsmith and a blacksmith, and they use a mixture of old and new technology to create their replicas, many of which are fully functional. A new video is posted every other Monday, and they often involve some pretty notable creations. Hit up the timeline below for some other oddities!