Katana Lightsaber merges the past and future

True-to-movie lightsabers don't exist, but many swords are available with the iconic lightsaber handle. Such swords are usually toys, but Man at Arms decided to go in a different direction, merging the past and the (we can hope) future into a single glorious — and very real — weapon.

After receiving numerous requests to take on the task of making a lightsaber, the folks behind Man at Arms: Reforged decided the best route was to create a katana with a beautifully-crafted metal lightsaber handle, creating a "lightsaber" that can slice its way through a satisfying variety of objects.

The entire sword — handle and all — was created from scratch, with the blade being made with blacksmithing techniques, and the lightsaber handle being first designed in a 3D modeling program. You can watch it for yourself start to finish in the video above.

It might not glow and cauterize at the same time it destroys, but we can't have everything. Be sure to check out our Star Wars portal, and hit up the timeline below for other sword-related news.

VIA: Gizmodo