Mamiya offers four new digital backs for pro photographers

This week Mamiya dropped its entry-level digital cameras for the pro photographer with a starting price in the $10,000 range. That is a lot of cash for a digital camera and makes the high-end cameras from Nikon look cheap by comparison. Mamiya also unveiled four new Mamiya DM digital backs this week as well.

The Mamiya digital cameras are modular so upgrading the back upgrades the internals of the camera allowing the photographer to upgrade with modular components rather than buy an entirely new camera. When $10K is your starting point upgradability is a big deal. The new DM backs are offered in resolutions of 22, 28, 33, and 56 megapixels.

The digital backs offer 16-bit/channel image capture and recording in tethered and untethered modes. The backs also support open-standard HDR-type Mosaic file format. The backs ship with Phase One Capture One and Leaf Capture software. Mamiya says that its Mamiya 645AFD, 645AFDII, 645AFDIII, and 645DF, Mamiya RZ67 (via optional adapter), Mamiya RB67 (via optional adapter), and 4x5 view camera (via optional adapter) are all compatible with the new backs.