Maleficent trailer 2 haunts with Lana Del Ray and Google Play

Chris Burns - Jan 27, 2014
Maleficent trailer 2 haunts with Lana Del Ray and Google Play

No, Lana Del Ray will not be making an appearance in Maleficent. She will – or has, rather – made a rather large effort to help with the resurgence of one of Disney’s most devilish villains with a wholly new iteration of the song Once Upon a Dream. Bringing this happy tune down to the depths of her own natural range, Lana Del Ray creates an brooding, haunting atmosphere the Google is keen to give away for free – through Google Play, right this minute, that is.

This video spot for Maleficent made its debut during the 2014 Grammys, a music-centered awards show that’s quickly becoming the Super Bowl of such productions. They’ve even got a half-time, for goodness sake. Making its debut during this production, the full one-minute and thirty-two-second spot continues to paint the Sleeping Beauty epic as a tale from the dark side, with a segment of this song painting the background.

Remember that this will be a film presented by Disney, so don’t expect anything to deadly, bloody, or otherwise offensive. You’ll instead find a tale that’ll attach itself well to every watcher no longer suffering from nightmares. In other words – it’s probably best that your toddler didn’t attend, but everyone else is fair game.

Disney has also suggested that this reimagined musical track from Lana Del Ray will play in the film during the end credits, perhaps reminding the audience that even a film from 1959 can have new life, just so long as the right minds do the pushing. This film will be released to theaters in the USA starting on May 30th, 2014 – not too long now!

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