MakerBot MakerWare 2.4 software gets MultiScan technology for desktop scanner

MakerBot has announced the launch of a new version of its MakerWare software for its desktop 3D scanner. The MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D scanner was first announced back in March of this year and the desktop 3D scanner began shipping in October. MakerBot has announced that version 2.4 of the software for the scanner is now available to download.

The new software enables MakerBot MultiScan technology for the Digitizer Desktop 3D scanner. MultiScan was developed to allow users to scan items from multiple angles to create the best 3D model possible. MakerBot MultiScan technology allows scanning from the top and bottom of an object. Users can scan hidden parts of an object as well.

The updated software also allows the user to merge two or more scans of an object with each taken from a different position. Objects can be scanned from any position that fits on the scanners turntable. The MultiScan technology is able to take all the different scans and connect the files to create a single 3D model.

This technology allows items that were previously not able to scan to be scanned with precision. MakerBot says that using MultiScan two or three times generally gives enough data for an accurate 3D model. The new software also brings a number of other tweaks and bug fixes.

SOURCE: MakerBot