Maingear teases Ivy Bridge upgrades galore

Today there's a virtual torrent of 3rd Generation Intel Core news coming down, and the Ivy Bridge family has been tipped on everybody who's anybody in the computer manufacturing world – including Maingear! What we're seeing from this desktop making bunch is several teasers for their upcoming Ivy Bridge-toting computer including "all new smaller designs with 360 degree clean aesthetics." Always nice to hear from a desktop computer company.

This teaser has also tipped Vertical Exhaust (VRTX) for cooling and 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors with overclocked options. Not every manufacturer will give you that option, that's for sure! They're also offering custom paint jobs, Premium 28nm Graphics inside with PCI-E 3.0, and EPIC liquid cooling if the VRTX isn't enough for you! They've teased 76% smaller systems than their SHIFT as well as one pictured desktop you see all the way to the right in the picture above – plain and dandy!

This is only one of several teasers and full reveals of systems that'll be popping up for sale soon with Ivy Bridge today. Head to the Intel Ivy Bridge portal to get all the action throughout history or to the timeline below to see what we've covered thus far today. Don't forget to let us know what system you'll be getting soon!