Mailbox app for iOS now open to all: reservations axed

If you've been waiting all this time for Mailbox to open up to you for your iOS device, wait no more! The line-keeping outside the door for this app is finally over, with the ultra-popular means of keeping you interested in the app before you had access being axed this week. If you didn't know there was an app simply called "Mailbox" for your iPhone, well: now's as good a time as any to get onboard!

According to the developers behind Mailbox, they're ready to take on the massive amount of users that will come with the opening of the doors that's happening this week. If you're not able to jump onboard today, you'll be able to by the end of the day. So they say.

The added bulk of users – they acceptance of them in the door this week – may have been helped by Mailbox's acquisition by Dropbox back at the end of March. If anyone can handle massive amounts of users, it's Dropbox – that's for sure. The newest version of Mailbox (version 1.2.0) has added a collection of user interface improvements while the reservation system has been pushed to users across the board.

Have a peek at our review of Mailbox from the first week it was out and take a peek a the timeline below for more information on this massively popular app. The app's newest edition is ready for your perusal right this minute for free, top to bottom. If you're all about Gmail and don't like Google's offerings for your iPhone or iPad, you'll want to check this out – it's got a system of read later bits and piece for your enjoyment!