Mail Drop and iCloud changes detailed at WWDC 2014

Nate Swanner - Jun 2, 2014
Mail Drop and iCloud changes detailed at WWDC 2014

One knock on Apple is that they’ve not quite figured the cloud out. That has changed a bit today, as Apple introduces changes to both Mail and iCloud. The two changes are dovetailing into one another, as Mail relies a bit more on iCloud, and iCloud gets a lot more useful and organized.

First, iCloud gets a new method for organizing files and other documents, with folders taking the place of clumsy file names and a multitude of thumbnails. The new iCloud drive looks and quite honestly acts a lot more like Google Drive, but has one neat twist.

Mail Drop brings a new utility to mail attachments, where larger attachments get a home in the cloud. You can now attach up to 5GB of pics or other data to an email, and your recipient will get an encrypted link to the cloud storage portal if it’s too large for their client. It’s a neat workaround to files that are just a touch too large.

We’re still on the ground at WWDC, and bringing you all you need to know about what Apple is bringing to the table. Be sure to tag our Apple portal for all your info and up to the minute news on the new releases.

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