Magnetic Resonance Wireless Charging coming to LG smartphone

One of the things that makes dealing with a smartphone on a daily basis is more streamlined and convenient is wireless charging. Typically, with wireless charging we are talking about magnetic induction charging where the user has to place their smartphone directly on a charge mat or surface to get power. LG has reportedly finished the development of a smartphone that charges wirelessly using magnetic resonance.

The key difference between magnetic induction charging and magnetic resonance charging is that the latter is able to charge a device when it is a short distance away from a charger. It's not as if you can be across the room with magnetic resonance charging, but it can charge at a distance of up to 7cm away. That means you could place a device beside a magnetic resonance charger and still charge.

The charger that LG Electronics has developed is around 7w according to the source. The source also claims that LG is currently trying to decide if it will release the technology into the market. Smartphones using magnetic resonance charging are expected to hit the market next year. I can see this tech being beneficial to a user with a very crowded desk offering little space.

The user could attach the charge plate to the wall and charge their smartphone while it sits on the nearby desk. Perhaps one day this tech will turn into something that can charge your smartphone from a greater distance. The ideal wireless charging method would allow us to charge the smartphone without removing it from our pocket. Just being in the same room with the charger and having your phone charge up would be the ideal form of wireless charging technology.

SOURCE: Business Korea