Magnetic Kitchen Timer in disguise

Abby McVay - Jul 18, 2008

If you’re feeling excessively anal careful about having every little accessory coordinate perfectly with your décor then this odd little timer would be perfect for those with a slightly industrial style. The best part is this timer is magnetic and once placed on your fridge, is bound to confuse guests.

Frankly I’d love it just to keep people from stealing my leftovers, or at least slow them down. I have several friends that have perfected the art of mooching. With this on the fridge maybe they would be swayed to not bother, although I doubt it.

The timer works like every other timer in the world just spin the dial to the desired amount of time. The nice thing is that you could carry it with you through the house if your oven timer is just too quiet. It is being sold for about $15.

[via nerdapproved]

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