Magic Ringer brings custom tones to your landline

I'm deeply ashamed of my landline phone.  Whereas every time my mobile rings I'm serenaded with the theme-tune from The Littlest Hobo, my landline is only capable of going "ring ring" ad nauseum.  What I need is to blow twelve of my hard-earned bucks on this Magic Ringtone mp3 ringer, a sharks-fin shaped and landline-loving mp3 player.


Plug it into your computer, load a favourite mp3 on (they suggest the sound of your children, oddly) and then every time you get a call you'll hear the mp3 instead of your boring old ringer.  There's no indication of how much internal memory it has, which leads me to think "not much at all", but for $12 it's not too bad.

Currently out of stock, but sure to be the gift of the season.

Product Page [via The Red Ferret Journal]