Magic Carp Pet turns static rug into aquarium of printed fish

What we've got here is a design by John Leung which exists as two separate pieces: first, the table which is a simple slate-bars top made in black, the other the carpet which shows fish in a strange array – together they swim before your eyes. What you're looking at is only the latest representation of one of the oldest optical illusions in the books, the slates tricking your eyes into believing that each line of the fish is a new frame in the living video you're seeing. The same thing happens when you watch a movie, only here it's done without moving parts.

Leung has some more artistically driven ideation in this project, such as how mythologically the carp (fish) is meant to symbolize such things as bravery and fortune, and that this carpet with its fancy "Carp Pet" title is meant to be a "humorous extraction of the carpet that reveals this intriguing little conversation piece of the floor." On top of that, the carpet doesn't look half bad without the table either! Might give you a headache every once in a while, but that's the price you pay for coolness.

It's the moire pattern that draws interference in your eyes, made plain with the table, and made impressive enough to catch the eyes of the judges at the last show this cool ensemble was featured in. This design is, believe it or not, the second Red Dot Design Award 2011 winner we've posted today. This carpet is not ready for mass production yet, and we're sure mister Leung is looking for additional partners to make such a thing happen – what you see above and below is the final model on the other hand, just waiting to swim to greater glory!

[via dornob]