Magellan Echo smartwatch for runners hits retail

Chris Burns - Dec 11, 2013, 3:18pm CST
Magellan Echo smartwatch for runners hits retail

This week the Magellan Echo is prepped and released for retailers across the united States, Canada, and throughout Australia and New Zealand with full intent on taking over the world of sports-related smart wearables through 2014. There’s a push for worldwide availability inside the year – imminently, that is, while the first wave comes now. This machine is meant to be much more robust than the competition, pushing out with a look that’s closer to Nike’s look than it is to something more fragile, like Sony’s Smartwatch 2.

This device is made to be waterproof – sweatproof too, while you’re at it – and act as an everyday watch as well (to a slightly lesser degree). You’ll find the device coming in full-on black, orange, and blue colorways from the start. This device is a watch that’s meant to be worn by athletes, not necessarily your everyday smartwatch enthusiast.

You’ll be connecting with Bluetooth Smart – through Bluetooth 4.0, that is – for low-power connectivity with your smartphone. Taking a cue from some of the higher-functioning smartwatches out on the market today, the Echo also allows you to interact with the apps it’s connecting with on your smartphone.

“With support from leading apps Strava, MapMyRun, iSmoothRun and Wahoo Fitness, Echo makes running with your favorite fitness app better. Echo puts app data and notifications where you can see them on your wrist, and its controls allow you to interact with both the app and music.

It’s a simple solution to a huge problem. For the first time, runners can easily communicate and interact with their favorite app.” – Clark Weber, senior director of fitness products at Magellan

This watch works with devices like the iPhone 4S through iPhone 5s, the Android wave of products released over the past year with Bluetooth 4.0, and more. You’ll find this machine appearing at sports stores like Sports Authority and REI, Clever Training and Eastern Mountain Sports for $149.99 USD right out to box or with a Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor for a cool $199.99 USD. This device will be appearing in stores online and in-person immediately if not soon.

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