Mad Max turns Wilton Silver Mist into Amazon review star

What you're about to witness is the Mad Max-based War Boys taking on the likes of the open market. Searching for the best silver spray paint for their trip to Valhalla, the War Boys have found the most ideal product of them all – Wilton Silver Color Mist. In contrast with the 2015 film Mad Max, this particular can of spray is non-toxic. In the film, the War Boys used chrome spray to end their lives in a blaze of glory. With this product, they suggest they've get the best of both worlds.

Being able to spray your face silver without also getting the negative effects of infected gums and skin – that's a great sort of value-added experience! What you're about to see is the cross-over between the real world and the imaginative. The fans of the film Mad Max and the fairly open environment of the Amazon product review process.

Witness the glory.

This is not mediocre.

Below you'll find War Boys that are super excited about this Wilton Silver Mist.

They're all about to get witnessed passing through the gates of Valhalla.

Tonight they will feast with the rest of the War Boys that've gone immortal!

NOTE: If you didn't already take note, every War Boy above (save the first) is actually just one. It's the War Boy by the name of Nux. He's the one that brings Max along on this adventure as a human blood bag.

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Below you'll find a timeline of Mad Max features and odd articles. The film is in theaters now across the planet. Witness it immediately!