Mad Max: The Wasteland is the (working) title of the next film

Director George Miller confirms not only that there are two more films in the Mad Max film series planned, but that the next has a title already. While this may end up just being a working title, Miller suggests that they've got the name "Mad Max: The Wasteland" attached. Not too much of a departure from any other Mad Max film, to be sure. It also confirms that we're not really going too far away from the environment we've been in for the past three films.*

Speaking with Jeff Goldsmith of Unlikely Films in his Q&A with George Miller, the director made plain his plans for the future of Max. Another trilogy – or a hexalogy, as it were. All with Max, all in the desert. All in Australia, of course.

"We know that there's possibly two more sequels," asked Goldsmith, "have you graphed them out? Have you written an outline?"

"Well, yeah, no more than that," said Miller.

"We've got one screenplay and a novella. It happened because – with the delays, and writing all the backstories, they just expanded. ... We just went with... one's just called The Wasteland."

"Mad Max: The Wasteland, yeah."

Goldsmith then asked, "Have you started boarding?"

Miller replied, "No! Heh, I'd just finished this movie 12 days ago and I said to someone, it's like asking a woman who's just given birth 'when are you having your next baby?'"

Sounds good? We enjoyed the heck out of the first in this new wave of Mad Max films – can't wait for the next!

*Not past 4 films? No, not really. The first film wasn't meant to be in the wasteland in the first place anyway. More on that in the near future. Hit our Mad Max tag portal for more bits and pieces.