Mad Max: Fury Road directed "almost as a silent movie"

Speaking in an interview this week on Mad Max: Fury Road, director George Miller revealed some interesting bits about the now 4-movie long series. Hitting theaters just days ago, the fourth film in the series has received rave reviews – rare for a sequel, and even rarer for a film that's 30 years its predecessor's senior. Miller suggested this week that to make this film he didn't want to go any sort of traditional route. This entire series of films isn't a traditional sort of story, after all.

George Miller spoke up in a Q&A session with Jeff Goldsmith of Unlikely Films. There he also revealed that the next Mad Max film was indeed in the works, and is currently titled Mad Max: The Wasteland.

As for Fury Road, Miller suggested that the basics were in place first – the basic bits of the story that are apparent in the trailers.

"The initial idea was to have an extended chase," said Miller, "and – as I said – with the 5 wives being the only creatures in the wasteland capable of giving Immortan Joe healthy heirs."

"Once we got that I knew I wanted to do it almost as a silent movie."

"[To] see how much you can convey silently – as Hitchcock said, 'make movies where they don't have to read subtitles in Japan.'"

See how much of this trailer you can imagine as a silent movie and still understand. Understand instantly how well this film will do internationally.

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