Mad Catz Eclipse Lifetouch Keyboard Passes Through the FCC in Time for Spring Release

Do you need a keyboard? Even if you don't need one, maybe you should get one. And we mean this one, from Mad Catz, which was initially shown off at CES this year. Yes, it is that shiny, and yes, it does have an LCD touchscreen right next to the physical keyboard. But, that's not a normal touchscreen. Oh no, Mad Catz has a nice surprise for you. And thanks to the FCC passing it through its gauntlet, we are one step closer to seeing it in retail stores.

The Eclipse Lifetouch keyboard is a full-size accessory, that comes in a wireless mode if you're not a fan of wires. But, that's not the cool part. That LCD touchscreen we mentioned before, it has three different modes for you to choose from. The first, and one you're accustomed to seeing on a normal keyboard, would be the number pad. The next mode would be a media mode, which allows you to control the media functions of your computer. And then there's the MyEclipse mode, which is a method that users can customize to their heart's content.

You can customize the MyEclipse mode to access your favorite websites, as well as applications available on your computer. There's 12 pre-defined buttons that have icons on them, which you can relate to a website or application. Like the shopping cart can take you to Amazon, or the little plane can take you to the best place for booking flights. It's all up to you. And, as you can see from the embedded video, you can switch up the mode of the LCD touchscreen on the fly, and whenever you want. The Eclipse Lifetouch will go for $129 if you don't want wires, and $99 if you don't mind them.

[via Engadget]