MacBook USB-C recall instructions tell if you’re affected

Chris Burns - Feb 15, 2016, 9:44 am CST
MacBook USB-C recall instructions tell if you’re affected

Apple’s first USB-C MacBook release included a cord which had a bit of a hardware flaw – one that the company is now in the process of fixing. For those of you that’ve purchased a MacBook in the past several years, there’s one simple way of figuring out whether or not you MAY be affected. If your power cord is a MagSafe connector (magnetic, as the name implies), you do not need to worry. From there, if you’re a USB-C sort of user, there’s one more check.

For those of you with a MacBook that’s powered up by a USB-C (or USB Type-C if you prefer to call it that) cord, the image below will let you know if you’re in or out. The first image shows the cord that’ll need to be replaced. The second image is good. Good like you don’t even need to replace it.


Interestingly this recall does not necessarily require you to do anything to receive a new cord.

Apple is replacing early MacBook USB-C charging cables

While recalls of hardware in any market generally means you need to go to a manufacturer and trade in your old unit, Apple is making the process far easier. Apple suggests that MacBook owners who ordered and provided their mailing address will be receiving a replacement cord by the end of February of this year – 2016.

Apple also has a replacement program page at which users who did not provide their address earlier can do so now.

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You can also bring your cord in to a local Apple Store after you’ve called in to replace your cord in-person. Make certain you’ve called beforehand and that they’re prepared for you to enter the store. Don’t go running into the store with your cord in your hand, freaking out, screaming about how you’ve noticed intermittent charging! That wont work as well as making an appointment.

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