MacBook Pro advert is mockup, confirms artist; few listen

Chris Davies - Aug 25, 2008

An awful lot of people are getting frantically excited about a supposed leaked advert showing the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh.  You can understand the excitement: a casing similar to that of the MacBook Air, and less than one inch thick.  Weight down to 5.1lbs.  WiFi getting a boost to 802.11n.  Unfortunately, the ad isn’t real – it’s actually the work of MacRumors forum member mciarlo.

In fact, mciarlo is steadily improving his mockup, based on feedback from the MacRumors community.  Bizarrely, despite regularly posting on the relevant thread and referring several times to the fact that the image is not authentically Apple, a number of people are still showing up to shout “I’d buy that” or “that’s a fake!”

Click here to see the full-sized advert mockup.  Images purporting to be of the real MacBook Pro updated casings showed up earlier on this month

[via BoingBoing Gadgets]

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