MacBook Pro 2012 and refreshed Macs expected at WWDC

We've been hearing reports for a while now that Apple is planning to overhaul the MacBook Pros at WWDC to include Retina displays as well as new Intel Ivy Bridge processors. 9to5Mac has once again heard from sources saying that several products in the Mac range will be seeing updates, and not just the MacBook Pros. Sources indicate that two 15-inch MacBook Pro configurations with Retina displays will be released.

Additionally, new MacBook Airs with Retina displays will also be revealed at WWDC. Both the 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models will be refreshed with two configurations for each screen size. 9to5Mac has also been told that a new iMac will be released, although the details surrounding the refresh aren't clear. A Retina display isn't likely, nor is a redesign, so it will most probably be a simple platform update to Ivy Bridge.

Sources have also told 9to5Mac that a fourth piece of hardware will be updated at WWDC, but were unable to provide specifics. That leaves either the Mac Mini or Mac Pro, with the former seeing an update last year to Sandy Bridge internals, while the latter has been neglected as of late. Finally, sources say that new accessories will be unveiled at the event, although it isn't clear as to what to expect.