MacBook High Power Mode found in macOS Monterey beta: Like OnePlus?

The most updated version of macOS Monterey beta has code suggesting Apple will bring a special "High Power" mode to MacBook devices. It might be time for Apple to unleash the performance beast, referencing some rumors that've been in the MacOS mix for over a year. While this might not be the Apple Does Gaming situation we've been patiently awaiting for a decade, it does seem like Apple may be willing to drop some of the power conservation restrictions put on computing devices – if the user wishes to flip a few switches.

Per 9to5Mac this week, "High Power Mode" can be found in the latest macOS Monterey Beta build. That's macOS Monterey beta 8, the most updated version of the desktop software available to the public (the developer public, anyway).

If Apple's original plan for High Power Mode or what WAS called "Pro Mode" still hold, watch out for quick battery drain. Back in January of 2020 word was that this new mode would increase the processing power of the unit in exchange for quicker battery drain and the potential for higher heat.

A "High Power Mode" might work similar to what we first saw in play with the OnePlus 7 Pro with "Fnatic mode". That's a gaming mode in which the user has all processor focus placed on the game being played – even messages and notifications can be put to the side while the game gets all the processor power and the internet bandwidth.

For now, we've got Low Power Mode, at least. If you're looking for High Power Mode in a MacBook, you'll need to wait until Apple makes the mode official and releases it into a real live build, with public features. You might also need to have a specific sort of MacBook, or the very newest in new MacBook Pro power – we shall see!