MacBook Air Supplies Constrained, Refresh Imminent

Earlier this month it was rumored that the MacBook Air would soon be getting a refresh by a June or July timeframe. Now, retail sources from around the globe are tipping that supplies for the MacBook Air are constrained. This along with major price cuts on current models indicates that the refresh is indeed imminent.

Much like the iMac and MacBook Pro refresh, the MacBook Air would likely have some internal changes, but remain relatively the same externally. The new MacBook Air is believed to feature Intel's Sandy Bridge processors as well as the new Thunderbolt port for 10Gbps connectivity. The Thunderbolt port looks identical to the current mini-display port, hence, very little if anything at all is expected to change in the physical appearance.

Reports of Apple's price drops on refurbished MacBook Airs to an all-time low of $829 further supports the rumored refresh. Best Buy has also dropped its prices for the MacBook Air to $938 for the 11.6-inch base model.

[via MacRumors]