MacBook Air Knife-Attack Video

Computers can be frustrating things, Macs just as much as PCs, but most people manage to get through the day without recreating Psycho with their laptop.  Unfortunately the MacBook Air in this video wasn't so lucky: seemingly so frustrated by the broken hinge on his laptop, the owner was driven to attacking the screen with a kitchen knife.

MacBook Air knife-attack video after the cut

The poor Air gets some crunchy stabbings in its delicate LCD, and then there's a brief attempt to rip the whole lid section away.  Unfortunately the left hinge is seemingly stronger than we're led to believe its right-side counterpart was, and it refuses to let go.  We're told six of the man's friends had Air's with the same "defect".

With no back story – refused Apple warranty repair, perhaps? – it's tough to say exactly what prompted the fury, but at least there's a happy ending.  Our knife-wielding friend picks up a Lenovo ThinkPad instead, the hinges of which he seems far more confident about.  Don't let him down, little ThinkPad...

[via Macenstein]