Macbeth X Factor mono synth is exposed

Blimey, if all the kids at school who think that playing a musical instrument is "sissy" could see this butch piece of MiniMoog-inspired synth, they'd soon change their tune!  Macbeth Studio Systems have hauled out this prototype of a keyboard version of the M3X2 analogue mono synthesiser, complete with surface-mount pots, resistors and wiring, called The X Factor.


The X Factor boasts:

  • 3 wide ranging Oscillators with 10 turn potentiometers for precise frequency control
  • Saw/Tri/Sine/Square-waveforms
  • Each Oscillator functions as both audio and modulator for some striking cross-modulation effects
  • Dedicated analogue LFO as well as analogue Glide
  • Classic all-transistor 24dB/Octave type filter
  • Snappy transistor ADSR envelope generators
  • Variable tone Noise Generator
  • Dedicated headphone amp
  • Three and a half octave keyboard

    Apparently they're planning a first run of 25, so if you fancy getting your hands on one then contact them via their site.

    Macbeth Studio Systems [via Music Thing]