Mac mini HDMI refresh imminent?

Apple's stock of the current-generation Mac mini is apparently dwindling, leading to speculation that the long-awaited HDMI update might be almost upon us.  Apple Insider has heard from multiple sources that Mac mini availability is low, with Apple themselves giving distributors no ETA on when new stock could be expected.

The Mac mini last saw an update in October 2009, with faster processors and more internal storage.  However the much-tipped connectivity update never materialised; rumors have been circulating for some time now that Apple plan to replace the Mac mini's DVI port with an HDMI connector.

That's in part based on prototypes spotted using NVIDIA MCP89 chipsets – the successor to the GeForce 9400M used in the 2009 machines – passing through Apple's verification tests. It remains to be seen when – or indeed if – the Mac mini will see its refresh, but Apple Insider reckon it's only a matter of weeks away.