Lyft will soon allow users to add a stop mid-ride

Lyft is plotting to roll out a feature that may give it something of an edge against Uber, announcing today that riders will soon be able to add another stop to their trip, even if they're already en route. This will be done through the Lyft app itself, updating the route once the stop has been added, with Lyft promising this will result in a "seamless" experience for both the driver and the rider.

Of course, some of you are probably thinking that when something comes up and you need to make an additional stop, you could just tell the driver and have them take you there first. While that may work most of the time, one major benefit of giving users the ability to add that stop through the app is you don't need to take time explaining where you need to go, since it automatically updates the route the driver is following.

A feature like this will also come in handy when the driver doesn't know where your stop is located. No more yelling directions at your poor driver as he or she is forced to venture into the unknown, presumably in a panic-stricken and vulnerable state of mind.

Lyft breaks down the process of adding a stop to a trip, saying users will request a Lyft ride the same way as usual, and then add any additional stops they need after the ride has been requested. If something changes and you no longer need to make the stop you added, you'll be able to remove the additional stops as well. There's no word on when this feature will be launching, with Lyft only saying that it's "coming soon."