Lyft is giving its fuzzy pink mustache the boot

There are many differences between Lyft and its maligned competitor Uber, but the most obvious one to the everyday consumer is the former's facial hair — that big pink fuzzy mustache. Many drivers and riders alike have long been critical of that mustache, with some being reluctant to order Lyft cars for professional occasions or dates because of the corny look of the 'stache, and others being ticketed under claims that the mustache is some kind of obstruction. Now, finally, the ridesharing service is officially doing away with it.

Speculation and hints that the fuzzy mustache would be going away have been around for a while, but the ridesharing service had shied away from confirming any such rumors until now. Still, the mustache is part of the company's branding and is readily recognizable, and so it won't be disappearing entirely.

Starting this month, Lyft drivers will be sent a so-called "glowstache", a smaller pink mustache that glows in the dark and is designed to mount on a driver's dashboard using magnets. The iconic look is still there, and it'll help those who order cars find them — more or less eliminating that embarrassing and growing issue of people getting into random cars thinking they're Uber-mobiles.

Still, the more subtle and less unrefined look of the new plastic Lyft mustache might be more rider-friendly, being less likely to cause embarrassment when taking a date out in a Lyft vehicle, for example. And, if nothing else, drivers will find the new option much less of a hassle when it comes time to take it down for the night.