Lyft can now pull destinations off your phone's calendar

We live in an interconnected world but our apps usually aren't. On many occasions, you end up entering the same piece of information more than once, increasing the chances for error as well as the places you have to check and update. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to type in the address of your next appointment each time you need to get a ride? If you're using Lyft, that will indeed be the case, because the app can now glean your next stop right from your calendar.

This is a feature that's not so different from what Uber rolled out just a few weeks ago, emphasizing the rivalry between the two. The thinking behind linking your ride-sharing and calendar apps is that, more often than not, your next ride's destination will be the same as that appointment you have on your calendar.

With that in mind, Lyft now lets you sync your phone's calendar and its app so you won't have to manually input your meeting or date destination. There are some things to keep in mind, however, when using this feature. Lyft only syncs with your phone's native calendar app. That means for iPhone users who prefer Google Calendar, they have to make sure the iOS Calendar app syncs with Google Calendar. Same for Android users whose OEMs provide their own calendar apps.

In addition, Lyft users need to take time to enter the exact address of the event's destination. No more random or incomplete pieces of information. You need the full address, including street, city, and even ZIP code in order for Lyft to work its magic.

Lyft is also teasing a new feature coming soon. Currently, ride-sharing apps usually only remember Home and Work locations. Soon, however, Lyft users will be able to create shortcuts for any and all favorite locations, especially useful for those whose work isn't always tied to just one location.